7 tips how to print from macbook air

7 Tips How to Print From MacBook Air

Business owners, students, and other Mac users can most conveniently print anything they require. Mac OS X has an appropriate printer list to manage the printers their Mac is linked to. You can print a page using any printer on Mac.

Do you want to know how to print from MacBook Air with a specific orientation or size? Keep on reading this post. In this article, you will learn how to add a printer and how to print a page or a document from a MacBook Air.

Add a Printer to a MacBook Air

Before using any printer on a MacBook Air, it is important to add it properly to your computer. You can do that by adding a printer to your system straight from the Print and Fax option of System Preferences.

Put the flat end of the USB cable into the MacBook’s USB port. Connect the cable’s square end to the printer’s USB port. Hit the Apple icon and click System Preferences. Tap Print and Fax. Now, click ‘+’ and tap the printer. Then, tap the Add button.

Print a Document From Mac

Open a document on your Mac and select File. Then, choose Print or simply press Command-P. It will open up a Print dialogue with a preview of a printed document. Tap the arrows above the preview for scrolling through the pages.

Click Print if the settings are accurate. If the settings are not found, adjust the printing options. Select any of the print settings – Printer, Presets, Copies, Black and White, Two-Sided, Pages, and Orientation.

Increase Printing Performance in macOS

If your Mac’s speed or performance is slow while printing in macOS, this article says that you can follow a couple of tips to clean up your computer. Remove all the documents that you’ve printed recently from the printer’s memory to speed up the printer’s performance.

Print driver settings can also influence the speed. So, adjust the settings and app settings, or try a different print driver. Ensure the firmware you’re using is updated. Also, ensure you’re using the latest version of macOS.

Use USB Adapters

use usb adapters

A USB cable is commonly used to connect a printer to a MacBook. Based on the MacBook model, you may require a USB-A to USB-C adapter. After connecting the MacBook and the printer, macOS will recognize the device.

It will automatically download the required drivers or software. Command + P is the universal command used to start the printing procedure. But, it may differ a bit based on the app you print from.

Set Up Wireless Printing Options

Apart from using USB adapters, you can use wireless printing options. With the increase in the use of wireless internet connections, more and more people started using WiFi printers. They give you excellent print quality while preventing you from messy cables.

It uses the same process as used for USB cables, except that you don’t require plugging in a physical cable. Press Command + P and tap File and Print. Choose the wireless printer from the list in the dialog box and then click the Print button.

Choose From Different Print Options

It might be possible that you see Print options different from those available in the Print dialogue. These options may vary based on the printer you’ve and the application you are using.

If you see different instructions, check the app documentation by tapping on the Help button in the menu bar. If there are unusual margin sizes or some of the text is clipped, try setting the non-printable area for the page size to zero.   

Print an Envelope on Mac

print an envelope on mac

Select File and tap New. Click Stationery and scroll down to the Envelopes area. Click twice on an envelope template. Tap Document in the Document sidebar. Hit the second pop-up menu in the Printer & Paper Size and select an envelope size.

Now, click placeholder text and enter the address. Click twice on the return address and type the address. Select File and click Print. Tap the Printer pop-up menu, select a printer and click Print to get the printout.

What If You Can’t Print?

Resetting the printing system is an ideal solution when you can’t print to your printer. It will help in deleting all the printers from the available list of printers. It also removes the information about finished print jobs and all printer presets.

Select the Apple menu and tap System Preferences. Then, hit Printers & Scanners. Press and keep holding the Control key. Now, select ‘Reset printing system’ to empty the list of printers.

The Conclusion

As you can see, printing a document or changing the printing settings is not so difficult on Mac. Also, it does not take much time. So, stop worrying about how to print from MacBook Air.

Use the most reliable printer, connect it with your system, and take the required printout. Follow the instructed steps to set up your printer to MacBook Air. You can connect a printer through WiFi or USB and simply press command + P.

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