Actor Mohsin Abbas refused to pay the child’s expenses

Actor and host Mohsin Abbas have denied the child’s expenses because of his unemployment and lack of money in a lawsuit of his wife to get her child’s expenses.

According to the Express Tribune, Fatima Sohail filed a case in the Family Court against former husband Mohsen Abbas for seeking the child’s expenses. Actor Mohsin Abbas has taken a stand in response to a petition submitted to the court that
‘he has been unemployed for a long time and now does not have enough money to pay for child support.’

Actor Mohsin Abbas added that as long as I had the money I used to pay for the expenses of the wife and child. But now my financial circumstances do not allow this.

Family Court Judge Maria Hassan has fixed January 27 for the next hearing after finding out Mohsin Abbas’s position. For which summons was issued to the parties’ lawyers.

Remember that Fatima Sohail had last year accused her husband of torture and cheating. After which Fatima Sohail filed a case for Khulah. And the court issued a degree of separation between the two. After which Fatima Sohail has filed a lawsuit to take the child’s expenses against her ex-husband.

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