PTI Ali Muhammad khan Speech Today in National Assembly 10 April 2022'

Government member Ali Muhammad Khan in a very emotional and enthusiastic speech in the National Assembly said that Quaid-e-Azam’s statement that a Muslim was not born to give up, he becomes Babar and Sultan Tipu and accepts martyrdom does not accept slavery, I am Imran Imran Khan is proud to be a partner, Imran Khan has sacrificed the government.

but did not accept slavery, there is happiness on your face, may Allah keep you happy, today many questions are being left for people including Fazlur Rehman, that Imran Khan was called a Jewish and American agent. What kind of agent was he that the United States pushed hard to remove? Temporary failure is not a substitute for defeat.

PTI Ali Muhammad khan Speech Today in National Assembly

Ali Mohammad Khan says that Imran Khan’s sin is that he spoke of the end of prophethood and the Muslim Ummah while being the Prime Minister of Pakistan. American boats came and Abbottabad operation took place and there is a time when there are plans to overthrow Imran Khan’s government and keep saying that if Imran Khan’s government does not fall then Pakistan will face difficulties, if it falls then Pakistan will be forgiven.

We seek forgiveness from Allah, not from America, we will bear your victory with grace.PTI Member National Assembly said that I am proud that my leader stood up, did not bow down, did not panic, did not fear, stood up to the last ball, what will you do against Imran Khan, one of his soldiers here you Standing in the middle of, my prayer is that Pakistan will continue to move forward, if the truth comes then the falsehood disappears, Imran Khan will once again be in the same chair with a two-thirds majority by the power of the people.

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