Apex Legends Update 1.99 Patch Notes

apex legends update 1.99 patch notes

Respawn has released Apex Legends update 1.99, which appears to have resolved a number of issues that the development team was looking into.

Players of Apex Legends have been pleading with Respawn to address a number of issues plaguing the game, such as input lag affecting Xbox Series X gameplay.

Apex Legends’ 1.98 patch was released alongside the Awakening Collection Event, but it was marred by a slew of issues and bugs.

Respawn has now rolled out a very small patch that appears to have fixed a handful of minor issues that players have recently brought to the team’s attention.

Apex Legends Update 1.99 Patch Notes

Respawn has released Apex Legends Update 1.99 Patch Notes, which appears to have resolved a number of issues that the development team was looking into.

Respawn Entertainment has released a new patch for Apex Legends Season 13 that includes a number of changes as well as interactive objects for Lifeline’s Town Takeover.

In addition to the ranked split that took place on June 28, Apex Legends has received a brand-new patch for Season 13, bringing with it a slew of bug fixes and updates.

Furthermore, Twitter user ‘KralRindo’ claims to have noticed changes to Newcastle’s tactical ability as well as some sort of Replicator change that has yet to be confirmed.

While Respawn has stated that it is looking into recent issues such as Loba’s tactical not working on Stormpoint or Xbox players having issues with their mics, it has yet to be confirmed whether or not those issues have been resolved.

Regardless of the fact that there are no official patch notes for Apex Legends 1.99, Kralindo has gone through the game’s code and figured out some of the changes.

There could be more server-side changes, but here are the ones Kralindo noticed:

  • Some minimal tactical changes in Newcastle, most likely bug fixes
  • Lifeline town takeover interactive objects were activated.
  • and 500 Apex Coins were made available in the store (via playlist)
  • A small tweak for the Replicator

This concludes the Apex Legends Season 13 1.99 patch. See how the ranked reset works for more information.

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