apple, samsung face fines for not shipping power adapters

Apple, Samsung face fines for not shipping power adapters

New fines have been imposed on Samsung and Apple for not including power bricks with their smartphones.

According to a report, Apple was the first business to remove charging bricks from its iPhones, starting with the iPhone 12, and was followed by Samsung, whose stopped including wall chargers with its Galaxy S21 flagship series in 2021.

Neither Samsung and Apple cite environmental explanations, but many clients are disappointed, especially considering that flagship smartphone prices haven’t changed much.

But that is not how consumer groups in Brazil had seen it. The Brazilian Ministry of Justice has announced that over 900 Procon departments – consumer rights groups — are looking to charge Samsung and Apple soon.

The departments have stated that they would present their cases as well as offering solutions before considering whether or not fines will be imposed.

They haven’t reported if they’d rope in other smartphone manufacturers that have chosen to prevent shipping the phones with a charger in the box.