apple starts testing iphones with usb c ports

Apple Starts Testing iPhones With USB-C Ports

Apple has begun testing out iPhone models equipped with USB-C ports, according to Bloomberg’s report on Sunday, soon after a popular analyst Ming-Chi Kuo announced that Apple would begin using USB-C on iPhones in 2023.

Apple is also creating an adapter that will enable future iPhones to connect to USB-C accessories designed for the current Lightning connector, but it is not yet clear what the company will do with it or whether it will sell it in a separate package. Apple’s reputation likely will cause customers to have to purchase an adapter for it.

One possible reason for the switch from Lightning connectors to USB-C connectors could be the European Union’s push toward USB-C-equipped devices.

However, Apple is concerned that the European law “mandating just one type of connector for all devices on the market will harm European consumers by slowing down the introduction of beneficial innovations in charging standards, including those related to safety and energy efficiency.”

The EU has rejected allegations that the switch to USB-C may promote innovation, claiming that the “proposal states that if a new standard emerges that is better than USB-C, we may adapt the rules.”

Regardless of whether the European data exchange law inhibits innovation, a change to USB-C installation would benefit iPhone users by improving their data transfer rates and charging times.