Beautiful Faces Of The ’60S And ’70S: Golden Era Celebrities Who Are Still Drop-dead-gorgeous Today!

Explore stunning ’60s and ’70s celebrities who remain breathtakingly beautiful even today, capturing the essence of a golden era.



Kelly McGillis rose to fame as Charlie, the love interest of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. In the blockbuster’s upcoming sequel Top Gun: Maverick, the Newport Beach native is replaced by Jennifer Connelly. Today, McGillis is extremely pragmatic about her age and looks, conceding that she works in an industry that promotes impossible standards of beauty.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, McGillis admitted that while she is not classically beautiful, she is extremely secure in her skin. Since turning 50, the two-time Oscar winner has confessed that roles in Hollywood have dried up. She did, however, make a brief appearance in 2020 as Miriam Saslaw in Dirty John.


jaclyn smith – 1945

Charlie’s Angels actress Jaclyn Smith is still active in showbiz, despite a long and decorated career spanning over five decades. In a 2019 interview with U.K’s DailyMail, she credited her healthy lifestyle for her incredible looks. Along with working out regularly, Smith sticks to a healthy eating regimen which consists of lots of vegetables and berries.

Smith burst onto the acting scene in 1976 as Kelly Garrett, a sultry private detective in Charlie’s Angels, a role she reprised up until 1981. Today, Smith is a successful businesswoman; in addition to her beauty collection, she also sells wigs and has a clothing line with Kmart.


alyssa milano – 1972

With more than 30 years in the spotlight, Alyssa Milano has mastered the art of looking youthful. The 48-year-old actress, producer, and activist does not shy away from being upfront and honest about her surgical procedures. When a fan on Tik Tok asked about her secret to looking so good, she simply replied: “Botox!”

Milano first captured the nation’s attention on ABC’s Who’s The Boss? in 1984. Following a successful eight-year stint on the family comedy, she returned in 1998 with a starring role in Charmed. Today, she is an activist and is also considering a career in politics, as is evident from her upcoming TV movie Alyssa Milano for Mayor.


brooke shields – 1965

As a veteran of show business, Brooke Shields is a timeless beauty indeed. Over the decades, the Wanda Nevada actress has been able to perfect her beauty routine—she insists on keeping things simple, with an emphasis on cleanliness and hydration.

Shields was arguably the most famous teenager in the world during the early ’80s. Along with modeling for big names like Calvin Klein and hanging out at New York’s Studio 54, she was also a part of popular productions like The Blue Lagoon and Pretty Baby. She is now hard at work in her new film A Castle for Christmas.


elizabeth berkley – 1972

She often flaunting her flawless skin on the small screen, including her most recent TV appearance as Jessica Spano in Saved by the Bell. Since her first outing in Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style, Elizabeth Berkley has stuck with two beauty products: Purpose bar soap and Complex 15 moisturizer, the latter of the two being her go-to moisturizer since 10th grade!

Berkley made a big splash on TV in the ’90s as Jessie Spano in NBC’s Saturday morning show Saved by the Bell. The series went on to become a cultural phenomenon and has seen many reboots and some iterations on the big screen since.


barbara eden – 1931

After years of taking care of her skin and body, Barbara Eden has now developed a foolproof system of staying young, even at the age of 89. The I Dream of Jeannie star is a big proponent of moderation. Although she likes to indulge in fine wine and chocolates whenever the opportunity presents itself, Eden then religiously works out with her personal trainer to shed pounds at the gym.

As an avid runner herself, Eden returns to Space Coast in February 2022 for the Florida Marathon. Having participated in several marathons previously, this time, she will be presenting the awards for the winners of the Publix Florida Marathon.


geena davis – 1956

At the age of 65, Geena Davis is still turning heads and melting hearts. Three decades earlier, she managed to capture the imagination of audiences as one-half of the renowned screen duo Thelma and Louise. Davis is currently heading the 2021 Bentonville Film Festival, which is running this week in Bentonville, Arkansas.

In the wake of her first Oscar win for The Accidental Tourist, Davis suddenly found herself at the frontlines of Hollywood. She then followed up with back-to-back performances in Beetlejuice and Thelma & Louise before becoming a vocal activist for women and gender equality.


jennifer grey – 1960

According to Jennifer Grey, turning 60 was a truly amazing experience. The Dirty Dancing starlet doesn’t give much thought to the number attached to her age and says it’s all about living in the moment. Growing up, Grey was inspired by her grandmother, who, even at the age of 93, loved to dance, walk and make art before passing away.

Since her breakout performance in 1987’s Dirty Dancing, playing the wide-eyed romantic Baby Houseman, Grey has had her fair share of ups and downs in the entertainment business. She is currently working on a yet-untitled sequel to Dirty Dancing, which was first announced in August 2020.


olivia colman – 1974

Olivia Colman has made big waves recently as Queen Elizabeth II in the blockbuster Netflix series The Crown. With more than two decades in the limelight and two Academy Awards to her name, she is pretty much royalty in real life as well. She now stars opposite Sam Mendes in Searchlight’s newly-announced project, Empire of Light.

Before dazzling photographers on the red carpet at the 2020 Golden Globes, the Tyrannosaur actress gave us a sneak peek into her beauty routine. In an Instagram post, Colman revealed that she had been a regular user of the Pause Well-Aging face tool in recent years to stimulate and rejuvenate her skin.


sarah michelle gellar – 1977

I Know What You Did Last Summer’s Sarah Michelle Gellar is all grown up today and is a mother of two. After her most important morning ritual—a cup of freshly brewed coffee—Gellar’s skin and teeth come as a close second on the actress’ long list of daily priorities.

Since her first facial at the age of 14, Gellar was hooked on spa treatments, facials, and working out. She also regularly indulges in relaxing baths with Epsom salts and candles, along with intermittent reading for inner peace. Geller is a part of the star-studded cast of the Netflix reboot, Masters of the Universe: Revelation.


jada pinkett smith – 1971

Thanks to her daily intake of water and a strict beauty regimen, Jada Pinkett Smith has amazingly supple skin that is the envy of many around her. Having made a name for herself in almost every niche in the entertainment industry, she now has her eyes set on personal care with the launch of her new brand, Hey Humans.

Smith’s elaborate ten-step beauty routine includes, among others, procedures like steaming, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and hydration. Inspired by her mini-me daughter Willow, Smith has now shaved off her head due to her family’s history of hair loss.


alicia silverstone – 1976

Before going vegan, actress Alicia Silverstone suffered from various skin conditions. After cutting out dairy and meat from her lifestyle, the Clueless actress is now looking better than ever. Just like her food, Silverstone likes her beauty products vegan and clean, too—apart from being natural and chemical-free, they also have to smell and feel great.

At the young age of 16, Silverstone made headlines after appearing in a music video for Aerosmith. With unforgettable roles in Clueless, The Crush, and Blast from the Past, she became a household name during the ’90s. Silverstone returns as a high schooler in her latest film Senior Year.

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