david spade donates $5,000 to burger king employee

David Spade Donates $5,000 to Burger King Employee

According to a recent viral video, Burger King did not fairly compensate one of its employees for nearly three decades of work without missing a single work day.

Burger King Employee 27 years GoFundMe

The employee, Kevin Ford, reveals in the video below how the restaurant chain thanked him for his 27 years of perfect attendance.

He was given a goodie bag containing a movie ticket, a bag of Reese’s Pieces, a Starbucks plastic cup, a lanyard, two pens, and two packets of Life Savers.

David snuck in Kevin’s direct messages, encouraging him to keep going after 27 years on the job without a break and even making a joke about waiting a few more years before finally taking a day off.

Kevin tells us that he’s a huge fan of David’s, so getting a donation as well as some fun back and forth with Spade is surreal.

Kevin’s GoFundMe has now raised over $30,000 thanks to David’s $5k donation, with the funds going to help him visit his daughters and grandchildren in Texas. He also says he plans to spend the money on a new Ford hybrid.

Kevin will eventually take a day off… hopefully before David’s deadline.