How to Delete Kik Account in Simple Steps'
delete kik account

Kik was once particularly notable for its cross-platform compatibility, high level of privacy, and ability to chat relatively anonymously.

A number of other apps (such as WhatsApp and Signal) do essentially the same thing these days, so if you’d rather leave Kik, it’s simple to deactivate your account temporarily (in case you want to return later) or permanently delete it.

How to delete Kik account

  1. In a web browser, browse to the Kik account delete website.
  2. Enter your Kik username as well as the email address you used to create your account.
  3. Enter your reason for leaving Kik.
  4. Check the box to confirm that you are deleting your account permanently.
  5. Click the Go button!
  6. Check your email. You will receive a deactivation email with a link to permanently deactivate (i.e., delete) your account.

Note Before deleting Kik Account

If you want to delete Kik account but aren’t sure if you want to delete permanently, you can temporarily deactivate your account, which allows you to reactivate it later simply by logging back into your account.

Here’s what happens when you deactivate your account:

  • You will no longer receive Kik messages or emails.
  • Your Kik username will no longer be searchable on Kik.
  • Any contacts with whom you have exchanged messages will have your profile removed.

About Kik

Kik Messenger, also known as Kik, is a free mobile messaging app available for iOS and Android devices. You can use it to send private messages to other users as well as share videos and photos. It has proven to be very popular among teenagers.

To use Kik, you only need an email address, a birth date, and a username. This means that other users see only the most basic information about each other. After a certain period of time, the app also deletes messaging histories. The app, however, has a number of privacy issues, including IP logging and a lack of end-to-end encryption.

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