disneyland instagram hacked spammed with racist posts

Disneyland Instagram Hacked Spammed with Racist Posts

Disneyland’s official Instagram account was hacked on Thursday! The hackers took over the Instagram account for an hour and posted abusive content.

Disneyland Instagram Hacked

Disneyland Instagram Hacked by Hackers But, the page was quickly restored following the hacking attempt. The Instagram account for Disneyland has over 8 million followers. According to abc10, the hackers posted a series of photos, including memes and selfies, that could be of the suspected hackers.

Four posts and an Instagram Live story had been made by the online criminals. These posts were signed by a mysterious person named “David Do,” and one of them was linked to a private Instagram account with the same profile picture as the hacker’s selfies.

According to the report, these hacker posts contained explicit language, while others appear to make joking references to COVID-19. The posts included two other Instagram accounts, but it is unclear whether or not these accounts are linked to the hack.

Not only Instagram, but the hackers also took over Disneyland’s Facebook account, though it is unclear what, if any, content was posted there.

The abc10 report shared one of the hackers’ post captions, which reads, “I am a super hacker who is here to exact revenge on Disneyland.” I’m ——- tired of ———- Disney employees making fun of me for having a small ——-. JEROME, WHO IS THE TOUGH GUY NOW?” Another post by the hackers uses foul language to mock Covid in a similar manner. “Thinking about that time I invented covid and blamed it on wuhan…. David Do. #Notjerome Sup Covid brotha,” the caption reads.

In an emailed statement, a Disneyland official told The Sun, “Disneyland Resort’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were compromised early this morning.” We worked quickly to remove the disgusting content, secure our accounts, and our security teams are investigating.