Does Ayeza Khan work on a film?

Actress Ayeza Khan has said that she has no passion for working in films.

Fans of Ayeza Khan, the lead actress of Pakistan’s most popular drama “Meray Pass Tum Ho” are now waiting to see her on the big screen, while almost every actor who is famed for TV is on the big screen. Ayeza Khan thinks the opposite.

When asked about acting in films at a function recently, Ayeza Khan said that she had never thought about working in films and had not thought about which actor she Will do work within films.

Nadeem Baig, the drama director at the ceremony, “Meray Pass Tum Ho”, told that once he had asked Ayeza that she had to do a movie on which Ayeza said. No, I don’t like to film, and I don’t love to watch myself on the big screen. I’m very happy with the small screen.

Speaking to the director Nadeem Baig, She said, “I think the fun that comes in people’s house is not to call them.”. While Humayun Saeed jokingly said that Ayeza wants to be invited, she does not want to invite.

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