editing tweets will not remove from old version

Editing Tweets Will Not Remove From Old Version

Twitter has created a huge hype around the edit option claiming that it will soon roll out the feature across various devices. The beta code has already started popping up for most users, however, it is not yet functional and has revealed a lot about the upcoming feature.

Tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong says that a user’s tweets will not be edited directly and republished, but instead the process will create a new tweet with a new ID, keeping a record of the previous tweet in a list. Wong believes that the feature won’t allow users to just edit their tweets but make different versions.

Wong clarified that she checked the code and described the platform’s approach as it is.

In yet another tweet, 9to5Google contributor, Dylan Roussel stated that the “edit” option is already showing up on some accounts, although it is not yet functional.

Twitter has not yet unveiled the feature and explained how it will work. The company may be testing it very small in order to improve its algorithms.