fall guys spartan showdown lost helmets

How To Find Fall Guys Spartan Showdown Lost Helmets

The Fall Guys Spartan Showdown and Halo crossover event, is now live, with new challenges to complete and new accessories to unlock. There’s plenty to do at this event, but there are a few challenges that may necessitate a little more effort on your part than simply showing up.

Fall Guys Spartan Showdown Lost Helmets

Though many of the new cosmetic items in the Fall Guys Spartan Showdown event can only be purchased in the store with Show-Bucks, there are a few that can be unlocked by cashing in the points earned by completing event challenges.

Some of these challenges are fairly simple, such as simply playing Spartan Showdown or qualifying from a certain number of rounds, but four require you to find a Lost Helmet in some of the events. In the Gate Crash event, here’s how to find the Lost Helmet.

Where to Find the Lost Helmet in Gate Crash in Fall Guys Spartan Showdown

Gate Crash is one of the Spartan Showdown race levels, and it’s a doozy. The main gimmick of the level, as the name suggests, is a series of vertically moving gates that will occasionally block your path. If you hit these walls, your bean is likely to bounce clean off them, so try to time your movements perfectly to successfully cross the finish line.

But don’t move too quickly. Right at the end of the course, just before the finish line, you’ll come across a set of three gates with a bottomless pit in front of them. The elusive Lost Helment is sitting right in front of the middle gate, so make a leap of faith down the centre to grab it.

If you miss it and fall into the abyss, you’ll respawn just before the final descent, allowing you to take as many chances as you need to get the helmet. Just make sure you get it before the round ends and you’re timed out.