Former Miss Pakistan World ‘Zanib Naveed’ died in a car accident

Former Miss Pakistan World Zanibb Naveed has died in a car crash in Maryland, state of US.

Maryland police report that the model died due to a speeding vehicle overturn, but police are continuing to investigate the accident.

The report further said that Zanib Naveed, 32, was driving a Mercedes when her car suddenly turned upside down and she was killed on the spot.

Zanib Naveed won first place at the 2012 Miss Pakistan World Awards in Toronto, Canada.

zanib naveed
PC: Facebook

Shee represented Lahore at the tournament in Toronto.

The Miss Pakistan competition has been held in Canada every year since 2003, the only year 2014 was when the competition was held in the United States.

Every year, Pakistani girls participate in this competition.

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