google chat now warns you about suspicious links

Google Chat Now Warns You About Suspicious Links

Google has recently announced a new security feature to keep its users secure. Google chat will now warn you about suspicious links under messages that could contain fake websites links or malware downloads.

For those that do not know, online attacks can lock you out of your device or result in identity theft. On the other hand, Cyberattacks are becoming more prevalent, quite effective, and more expensive just like ransomware.

Google has said the warning banner “help protect users against malicious actors, keeping data safe.” The banner appears at the bottom of the message in red and says “This invite is suspect.” You can block that who ever sent you the message, or you can accept the message. It is entirely your choice.

This capability is also available in Google Drive and Gmail. Your data on Google Drive and Gmail is now also protected. This feature is also accessible for both personal and commercial accounts.

In the next days, users will be able to use this feature by default. This feature will be available on both the mobile and online versions of Google Chat.

Without a doubt, at a time when malware attacks are on the rise, this is a life-saving feature. Raspberry Robin, Purple Fox, and other malware are causing loss of information for users. Users will be able to choose not to to open the link with this new update.