google pixel watch with wear os 3.1 may launch soon

Google Pixel Watch with Wear OS 3.1 may Launch Soon

Google is rumored to be releasing a Pixel Watch running the latest version of the Wear OS 3.1. It has been a hot topic since 2019 with speculations continuously fueling rumors.

Evan Blass tweeted an update recently claiming that the Pixel Rohan is just around the corner, although specific dates have not yet been announced.

The name “Rohan” has been associated with the first-ever Google smartwatch, but it is unlikely to bear the moniker upon release. Google may likely change it to a catchier name as a marketing gimmick.

The Pixel Watch is expected to feature Wear OS 3.1, introducing only slight improvements to functionalities and aesthetics as compared to the 3.0.

Previous rumors say the watch may launch in May, July, or October of this year. It’s more likely to be released at I/O Conference 2022 than it ever will be at another time.

It has been revealed that the watch will come with a circular design and high-end ECG monitoring capabilities, in addition to basic health sensors. The watch is also said to offer up to 32GB of internal storage and include a high-end processor at a previously unrevealed cost.