Google Translate Adds 24 New Additional Languages'
google translate adds 24 new additional languages

Google has announced the adding of 24 additional languages to its Google Translate platform, with a combined population of more than 30 million people.

Google revealed that it has started adding 24 additional languages to its Google Translate platform, allowed to speak by more than 30 million people. On Thursday, the media reported on this. Ten new African languages, including Langala, Towi, and Tigrinya, are among them.

In a statement, the firm stated that it now intends to focus on languages that are not represented in most technologies, in keeping with its policy of removing language problems and helping in the unification of communities throughout the world.

According to the statement, this includes Bhojpuri, a northern Indian language spoken by around 50 million people. Nepali, Fijian, and Dhivehi were also included. With this, Google Translate now supports a total of 133 languages.

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