guinness world records introduce tallest family in the world

Guinness World Records Introduce Tallest Family in The World

Guinness World Records has Introduce that a US family of five has taken the world record title of the tallest family. Hailing from Minnesota, the Trapps is a family with mom and dad Krissy and Scott who live with their three kids, Savanna, Molly and Adam.

However, the family has become famous because of their great height! The family’s average height is 6 feet and 8 inches.

The tallest among them is the son Adam Trapp who measures a whopping 221.71 centimetres (7 ft 3 inches)and the shortest is the mother Kristine Trapp who measures 191.2 centimetres (6 ft 3 inches).

“I love saying I’m the shortest person in the world’s tallest family at 191.2 centimetres,” Kristine joked in a statement. Daughter Savanna Trapp-Blanchfield, 27, measures 203.6 centimetres while sister Molly Steede, 24, stands at 197.26 centimetres.

All three of the Trapp children play basketball and volleyball. One is playing Division I ball at UCLA, one played Division I ball for a school in California, and one was a high school All-American hoopster.

Guinness World Record Title tallest family in the world

Clothing shopping can be challenging for the family, especially when it comes to pants and shoes.

The Trapps became the world’s tallest family on December 2020. The challenge of achieving such a record-breaking achievement was a tall task.