high point motocross race results

High Point Motocross Race Results 2022 – Updated

High Point Raceway, one of the most well-known tracks in the American Motocross scene, is hosting Round 4 of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship. All-time conditions allowed for all-day epic clashes. The overall winners were Eli Tomac and Jett Lawrence when the checkers flew.

High Point Motocross Race Results

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In the 450’s, Jason Anderson took first place. In session two, the circuit became more tough, but Anderson was one of the few riders who managed to improve his time. He was 0.03 seconds faster than Eli Tomac’s initial time, although Tomac was the only other rider in the 2:02 range.

Chase Sexton was third with a time of 2:03.0. We’ll have to wait until the gate drops to see how the track shapes up, as the times in the 250 and 450 classes are practically identical.

This morning, all of the boys appeared to be fast, but Jett Lawrence set the fastest lap in both qualifying sessions. He and his brother Hunter Lawrence were the only two riders to break the 2:02 mark, putting them in first place in the 450 class as well. Justin Cooper finished third, a half-second behind the Lawrences.

450MX Combined Qualifying (Top 10)

1.Jason Anderson(Kaw)2:02.662
2. Eli Tomac(Yam)2:02.692
3.Chase Sexton(Hon)2:03.046
4.Ken Roczen(Hon)2:03.061
5.Antonio Cairoli(KTM)2:03.499
6.Joey Savatgy(Kaw)2:04.293
7.Christian Craig(Yam)2:04.421
8.Ryan Dungey(KTM)2:04.469
9.Aaron Plessinger(KTM)2:05.315
10.Garrett Marchbanks(Yam)2:05.518

250MX Combined Qualifying (Top 10)

1.Jett Lawrence(Hon)2:02.664
2. Hunter Lawrence(Hon)2:02.714
3.Justin Cooper(Yam)2:03.145
4.Nathanael Thrasher(Yam)2:03.306
5.Seth Hammaker(Kaw)2:03.470
6.Jo Shimoda(Kaw)2:03.791
7.Michael Mosiman(GG)2:04.515
8.Nicholas Romano(Yam)2:04.820
9.Stilez Robertson(Hus)2:05.305
10.Pierce Brown(GG)2:05.506