How to Ping and Mark Locations in Helldivers 2

Get ahead in Helldivers 2 with our pinging & marking guide.

In Helldivers 2, using the ping system is super helpful. It lets you call for help or show your team where to find supplies at the start. This guide will tell you all about how to use the ping system in Helldivers 2. This way, you can get ready with everything you need before you face any dangers.

How to ping in Helldivers 2

Pinging in Helldivers 2 is easy once you know which button to press. To ping, you just need to use R1 on a PS5 controller or Q on a PC keyboard. You can ping on the mini-map or directly on the planet where everyone can see it. Just press R1 or Q to mark an important spot, like where to go next, a side mission, or a place with lots of items.

The ping system also helps point out if enemies are close, making it clear to everyone without filling the screen with too much stuff. When you ping enemies or important places, it lets your team know what you’re looking at, which is super helpful, especially if you’re not talking through a mic.

You can also add more info to your pings. Hold down R1 or Q to bring up the Communications wheel. With this, you have several choices to show what you mean, just like if you were using a mic. You can still move around while the wheel is open, picking a command with the right stick on your controller or your mouse.

There are eight commands you can choose from, like marking a spot, telling your team to wait, saying yes, thanking teammates, asking for supplies, saying sorry (especially if you accidentally shoot a teammate), saying no, or asking your team to follow you.

How to Mark Locations on the Mini-map in Helldivers 2

To put markers on the map in Helldivers 2, you’ll need to open the mini-map.

On a PS5, press the DualSense touchpad, or on a PC, press the Tab key. Once the mini-map is open, you can move around it by using the d-pad on the PS5 or right-clicking with the mouse on the PC. You’re allowed to place one marker at a time, which will be labeled as M1.

Why use Ping Mark Location In Hell Divers 2?

This marker can help you and your team keep track of important places like the extraction zone, side missions, Nests, and Outposts, making them easier to find both on your radar and visually after you close the mini-map.

Even if you’re playing by yourself, marking the map can be super helpful. Although you won’t need to communicate with other players, using markers can guide you to Supply Drops, interesting spots, side missions, or the extraction zone. This is particularly useful if your character isn’t equipped with armor or a Radar Station that automatically shows these locations.

When you place a marker on the mini-map, it also points out the direction to your target, which can be useful for quickly identifying where enemies or objectives are. The mini-map is a great tool for spotting Outposts and Nests at the beginning of a mission, as these are shown as red dots.

That’s our guide on Helldivers 2 Ping and Mark Locations.” We hope it helps you navigate the game more effectively and enhances your teamwork and solo play. For more helpful articles and game guides, be sure to visit our gaming section.

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