how to recover deleted telegram channel

How to Recover Deleted Telegram Channel Step By Step Guide

If you are searching for How to Recover Deleted Telegram Channel, than you land on right page. today I will tell you the best way if you want to recover your telegram channel than follow whole article with step by step guide.

Telegram channels are a way of distributing broadcast messages. They are excellent for spreading information to a huge number of people. Users who have previously subscribed to and joined a telegram channel but have forgotten to remove or left the telegram group owing to whatever reason should follow these procedures to retrieve the deleted telegram channel on their account.

How to Recover Deleted Telegram Channel Step By Step Guide

Step 1- Open telegram and tap on the search icon

On your device, open the Telegram app. The app features a blue-colored background with a white icon inside it.

On this background, they drew a white paper plane. If you already have the app loaded, look for the telegram app with this logo in your device’s app menu or main menu.

Select this app by clicking on it. The app’s home screen displays when you tap on it.

The magnifying glass icon can be found in the top right-hand corner of this screen. Click this icon to do a search.

Step 2- Search your channel id/channel user name

A search bar should now appear at the top of your screen. You must tap on it and type in the name of the telegram channel that has been lost or deleted. This will allow you to see all of the channels that have that name.

Step 3- Open the channel & tap on join

You will notice a list of channels display on your screen once you search for it. Go through them one by one.

Select the telegram channel you accidentally deleted. Then, by tapping on the channel you wish to join, pick it.

The option to “join” will show on the screen below after you’ve selected a telegram channel. Tap on it to join this Telegram channel.

Step 4- Your channel will be restored & your ownership will be granted again

Once you have followed these instructions, your channel will be restored and you’ll be given ownership. You will be added to the subscriber list for this particular Telegram channel.

The majority of these telegram channels operate simply to share information about the telegraph account for which they were formed. When a public message is sent on this telegram channel, you will now be notified via broadcast.