I was believed that one day I would become a super star, Ali Zafar

Singer and actor Ali Zafar has said that he was confident that one day he would become a superstar.

Ali Zafar shared a video on social networking website Twitter, showing off his success during an event. Ali Zafar told the participants in the hall about his career and his early life. That his father wanted him to become a CSP officer but he wanted to be a singer.

So he said to his father, Baba, I want to be a singer, to which my father said that if you become a CSP officer then there will be cars behind you. People will greet you. But I said I want that people love and greet me because of my work.

Ali Zafar said, “I do not know how I felt when I was only 16, but I was convinced that one day I would become a big star.” 
At the age of 16, I just wanted to sing and just be a star. And I dreamed that I would sing on stage in front of thousands of people and everybody would sing with me.

Ali Zafar said, “The purpose of all this is to say that each one of you is very special.” 
All you have to do is peek inside yourself and identify what potential is hidden within you. And begin your journey of life by finding that potential.

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