identifying the top reasons that trigger outlook pst file corruption issues

Identifying The Top Reasons That Trigger Outlook Pst File Corruption Issues

Microsoft Outlook email client enables big and small organizations to seamlessly manage emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks all in a single place. In addition, according to Fit Small Business, there seems to be easy access to numerous native and third-party integrations for extending functionality. This includes using Microsoft 365 productivity suite along with other collaboration apps.

Desktop Email Client

Microsoft Outlook is a solid calendaring and messaging application dominating the desktop email client scenario. It boasts of having millions of patrons worldwide. However, it is certainly not without flaws. PST file corruption is a major flaw associated with the Microsoft Outlook email client.

Most Outlook issues crop up because of PST corruption. Outlook PST files store a copy of all your mailbox items, including emails, attachments, contacts, notes, calendar items, and tasks, on your local drive.

Outlook PST file corruption

Remember that Outlook PST file corruption is a terrible situation that may culminate in critical data loss when there is no backup. Diverse reasons associated with system software and hardware may culminate in PST file corruption. When PST file data is inaccessible, it may cause Outlook errors preventing users from getting new emails and accessing their email accounts.

Moreover, severe PST file corruption will result in critical data loss. Therefore, let us explore some of the crucial factors or reasons leading to Outlook PST file corruption and even data loss at times.

Oversizing of PST Files

In previous versions of Microsoft Outlook, like the 2003 and 2007 versions, it was advised to limit the size of the ANSI PST file to 2 GB. Outlook 2010 and other latest versions utilize the UNICODE PST file, the size of which should be a maximum of 20 GB, whenever the PST files exceed their size limits.

The overall performance of Outlook is bound to go down. As a result, users experience a significant delay in receiving, sending, or accessing their emails.

All the above-discussed issues are early warning signs of a problem associated with a PST file. Whenever the OST file size exceeds the recommended size limit, you will notice inconsistencies resulting in errors and a corrupt PST file. To safeguard your Outlook PST file from getting corrupted because of oversizing, you may consider using Outlook’s Archive option and constantly cleaning spam folders and deleted files.

Windows or Outlook Crash

Outlook or Windows can crash unexpectedly because of sudden operating system problems, hardware failure, or conflicts and issues with the software. Whenever such a crash occurs while Outlook or the system is working, the PST file may get corrupted, and there could be substantial data loss. In a few rare cases, since the crash occurred because of a severe problem, rebooting the system may fail, and you will permanently lose essential mail items.

Dreadful Circumstances

You may consider avoiding such dreadful circumstances by using a system that has a sufficiently powerful hardware configuration. To avoid such terrible cases, you may consider using a system equipped with a powerful hardware configuration. You should constantly optimize the system through the use of updated software.

Unanticipated or Abrupt Close Down

An abrupt system closes down due to a crash, power outage, or system freeze when the system is still running could lead to serious consequences in terms of the Outlook PST files stored on the system. Such incidents may result in irreparable loss of data and irreversible damage to your PST file. Therefore, relying on a UPS or uninterrupted power supply is best.

Battery Health

If you are using a laptop, you may keep reviewing the battery health. If the battery seems faulty, keeping the computer connected to a charger while you are using it is best. Moreover, it is best to replace the battery at once when found defective.

Malware or Virus Intrusion

Malware and virus intrusion may occur when you open a malicious link, attachment, or email you have received in Outlook. In addition, if you are in the habit of transferring data between different devices without bothering to scan the data, a virus intrusion may happen. Moreover, using a flash drive regularly for transferring data from one device to another without scanning may facilitate the intrusion of the virus.

Critical Data Loss

The malware or virus can damage the PST file or cause critical data loss. Installing effective and trustworthy anti-malware or anti-virus protection software on your system or business laptop is best to steer clear of malware or virus intrusion. Moreover, you may consider scanning the files and drive before transferring the data if the files are extremely large.


You can avoid PST file corruption in Outlook if you religiously follow all the best practices related to your Outlook email account. Be aware of the reasons that trigger PST file corruption and follow the tips discussed above to prevent Outlook PST file corruption or fix Outlook PST file issues or errors.

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