karachi bans drones due to terrorism concerns

Karachi Bans Drones Due to Terrorism Concerns

Sindh’s Home Department has stated to ban the use of drones in the District South of Karachi after intelligence services alerted of terrorist attacks on state buildings and other sensitive installations.

In an official announcement, the Home Department also said Karachi Security services had demanded a ban on the use of drones in District South after DIG South Karachi alerted of terrorist attacks on foreign missions, diplomats’ residences, government buildings, as well as other major places.

The ban takes affect immediately and it will stay in effect for the next two months, the notification explained, adding that Karachi Police is also obliged to take essential to ensure the safety of different important buildings.

The action came a couple of weeks after a female suicide bomber started blowing herself up near a van of Confucius Institute at Karachi University, causing the death of four people, which include three Chinese language instructors.