How to Check KWSB Duplicate Bill Online in 2022'

Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) is a well-known and well-managed wastewater utility in Karachi. Water is delivered to Karachi via a bulk conveyance system composed of a complex network of canals, conduits, syphons, multi-level pumping, and filtering from a remote water supply.

KWSB Online Duplicate Retail Bill of September 2022

To check your Karachi Water And Sewerage Board KWSB retail duplicate bill, you just have to enter your consumer number and click on submit button.

In order to verify your Karachi Water and Sewerage Board KWSB retail duplicate bill, enter your relevant consumer number. Your KWSB bill will be delivered to you via an online e-service facility. KWSB offers duplicate invoices through online services. The entire procedure for checking KWSB online duplicate bills is outlined below.

How to check KWSB online duplicate bill 2022

  1. Launch any web browser.
  2. Then open our website to check kwsb-duplicate-bill-online
  3. Fill in the blank field with the consumer number.
  4. Your previous bill will have your consumer number on it.
  5. Click the submit button to view your KWSB Duplicate bill.
  6. Select print this Bill from the drop-down menu to print this bill or use ctrl+p.

To view your Karachi Water and Sewerage Board KWSB online duplicate bill, make sure you have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If it is not installed, no copy of your e-bill will be generated.

KWSB Consumer reference number

This method requires a consumer number, which can be found on previous months’ bills. you can see below image to check where is consumer number in KWSB.

kwsb consumer reference number
KWSB consumer reference number

How to Pay KWSB Bill Online

The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board also offers online bill payment. Water bills can be paid using any mobile banking app. Simply log in to your mobile banking app and look for the bill payment option on the menu. You can also pay your bills using Jazzcash or the Easypaisa app.

Karachi Water and Sewerage Board’s Services

The Karachi Water and Sewerage Board KWSB also provided water tankers to meet the needs of customers who were experiencing water shortages in their areas. The cost of these tankers varies according to the amount of water they transport.

Checking and downloading KWSB bills online is a critical component of its e-service facility. People have solved their problems by making this effort, and they are now ready to find their appropriate KWSB bill online, saving time in the process.

KWSB Helpline

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 99245124


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