london heathrow airport baggage piles up after malfunction

London Heathrow Airport Baggage piles up after malfunction

After a technical malfunction, a sea of baggage has piled up at London Heathrow’s Airport 2. According to the airport officials, some travelers were forced to fly without their baggage, while others experienced check-in delays.

London Heathrow Airport Baggage

On social media, travelers complained about two-hour lines at baggage reclaim.

The airport stated that the problem had been resolved. If travelers were forced to fly without their baggage, airport workers are striving to reunite them with them.

“All the baggage belts in Terminal 2 of the airport had stopped working,” according to a user who posted a video from inside the airport.

“We had to que up our luggage and we were told that security would watch it so that we could go through security, and maybe our luggage might make it to the plane with a 50-50 shot.”