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Mirpur Azad Kashmir Ramadan Calendar 2022 Sehri Iftar Timing

mirpur azad kashmir ramadan calendar sehri, iftar timing

In AJK, there is a lot of love for Ramadan Kareem. All the people in the city celebrate the starting of this month and welcome it. It is mandatory for all healthy Muslims to fast during Ramadan month. There is a lot of importance and rewards for this month.

If you are here looking for Mirpur Azad Kashmir Ramadan Calendar 2022 With Sehri, Iftar Time then you are on the right page. This year, this month is expected to start on 3rd April in Pakistan.

Mirpur Azad Kashmir Ramadan Calendar 2022 Sehri, Iftar Timng

All the Muslims wake up in the Sehri timing and prepare themselves for the fast. Then they visit the nearest Mosque and offer the Fajr prayer and then recite the verse of the Holy Quran. Allah Almighty has set many rewards for the Muslims who fast and do all the good works in this month. Scroll down to have a look at the calendar for AJK.

Here is a list of Sehri and Iftar Closing timing in Mirpur 2022.

01 Ramaḍān 14434:26 AM6:26 PM03 Apr 2022
02 Ramaḍān 14434:25 AM6:27 PM04 Apr 2022
03 Ramaḍān 14434:24 AM6:28 PM05 Apr 2022
04 Ramaḍān 14434:22 AM6:29 PM06 Apr 2022
05 Ramaḍān 14434:21 AM6:29 PM07 Apr 2022
06 Ramaḍān 14434:19 AM6:30 PM08 Apr 2022
07 Ramaḍān 14434:18 AM6:31 PM09 Apr 2022
08 Ramaḍān 14434:16 AM6:32 PM10 Apr 2022
09 Ramaḍān 14434:15 AM6:32 PM11 Apr 2022
10 Ramaḍān 14434:13 AM6:33 PM12 Apr 2022
11 Ramaḍān 14434:12 AM6:34 PM13 Apr 2022
12 Ramaḍān 14434:10 AM6:34 PM14 Apr 2022
13 Ramaḍān 14434:09 AM6:35 PM15 Apr 2022
14 Ramaḍān 14434:07 AM6:36 PM16 Apr 2022
15 Ramaḍān 14434:06 AM6:37 PM17 Apr 2022
16 Ramaḍān 14434:05 AM6:37 PM18 Apr 2022
17 Ramaḍān 14434:03 AM6:38 PM19 Apr 2022
18 Ramaḍān 14434:02 AM6:39 PM20 Apr 2022
19 Ramaḍān 14434:00 AM6:40 PM21 Apr 2022
20 Ramaḍān 14433:59 AM6:40 PM22 Apr 2022
21 Ramaḍān 14433:57 AM6:41 PM23 Apr 2022
22 Ramaḍān 14433:56 AM6:42 PM24 Apr 2022
23 Ramaḍān 14433:55 AM6:43 PM25 Apr 2022
24 Ramaḍān 14433:53 AM6:43 PM26 Apr 2022
25 Ramaḍān 14433:52 AM6:44 PM27 Apr 2022
26 Ramaḍān 14433:51 AM6:45 PM28 Apr 2022
27 Ramaḍān 14433:49 AM6:46 PM29 Apr 2022
28 Ramaḍān 14433:48 AM6:46 PM30 Apr 2022
28 Shaʿbān 14434:29 AM6:25 PM01 Apr 2022
29 Shaʿbān 14434:28 AM6:26 PM02 Apr 2022

Prayer or namaz is an important part of Islam and is performed by a Muslim 5 times a day. The Salaah is performed early in the morning, afternoon, evening, near sunset and late evening.

Watch Muslims offer Tarawih Prayers for 1st time at New York's Times Square

Mirpur is one of the busiest city of Pakistan and the commercial and industrial hub of the country. Keeping track of prayers timings can be challenging in busy cities like Mirpur as you get lost in the routine life and can’t find time for your prayers even. BOL News has developed a tool that keeps you updated with the prayer timings for your convenience.

Many people prefer to pray at the Mosque in congregation while others opt to pray at home or at work. If someone is travelling or away from their home, certain reliefs are given to make the prayers easier.

  • The principle of Namaaz is to make sure every Muslims maintain their faith and devotion to Allah, to increase taqwa and to remain conscious of the importance of faith and submission to their Creator.
  • Special importance is dedicated to the Friday prayer, which is also known as Namaz -e- Jumaa. Friday prayer is performed in congregation at the Mosque.
  • As with all of the Five Pillars of Islam, salah is a highly important obligation upon all Muslims and is essential to ensuring we stay within the boundaries of deen and remain mindful of one’s faith.
  • In Quran, Allah Almighty says: “This is the Book in which there is no doubt, a guidance for those who have Taqwa: who believe in the unseen, and who establish Salah, and spend out of what we have provided for them.” (2:2-3)

After this, people go to their offices and then take a break for the Zohar and Asar prayer. In the evening, the offices normally off before the Iftar and the females make Iftari. Then all the Muslims break their fast through Iftar and then visit the Mosque for Maghrib Prayer.

Pakistan Ramadan Calendar 2022, Sehri & Iftar Timings

In the night after offering the Isha prayer, they take part in the Namaz-e-Taraweeh that has great importance in Islam. So, check the complete calendar of Ramadan in AJK here.

Mirpur Azad Kashmir Ramadan Calendar 2022

Ramadan Kareem is a month full of blessings by God which are showering on Muslims who respect this month and fast all the month with the reciting of Quran and Taraveh. Ramadan is also known as the Month of Holy Quran because in this month Allah ﷲ sent the Holy Quran-e-Pak on Hazrat Mohammad ﷺ through Hazrat Jibareel.

So that is why it is our religious obligation that we must fast and recite at least once Quran-e-Pak in this Holy Month. Stay Blessed! Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims! So all the viewers who are currently working or leaving in the Mirpur which is in the AJK Azad Jammu Kashmir wanted to download the Mirpur Azad Kashmir Ramadan Calendar 2022 Sehri, Iftar Timing then there is no need to go anywhere else. The complete calendar is available on this page above.

People will keep Phela Roza in Mirpur Khas on 03 April 2022 and will open the Phela Roza at 6.40 PM. So all information about the 1st Ramazan to 30th Ramazan time schedule is mention on this page. Further when Rohit e halal committee will announce the proper schedule then we will update this page.'
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