netflix to start live streaming feature soon

Netflix To Start Live Streaming Feature Soon

Netflix has a new live streaming option on offer, claims a new report from Deadline. The article reveals that Netflix intends to begin offering its live stand-up specials.

Netflix Start Live Streaming

Netflix Start Live Streaming will let Netflix air live content on the platform like The Big Open House, which featured the selling of real estate. Also, Netflix will allow live decision-making for competition shows and live comedies.

Netflix held its first in-person live comedy show called “Netflix Is a Joke Fest” this year, and it lasted several days. The show invited hundreds of popular comedians from comedians such as Bill Burr and Jerry Seinfeld to Ali Wong. Netflix is set to air some of the shows from the festival later this year in June.

Live video streaming allows users to view shows in real-time.

Netflix has not replied to an inquiry concerning the release date for its upcoming special features. Disney Plus, the biggest competitor of Netflix, has previously featured live-streaming and announced that it was scheduled to host a live show for the first time. It is also planning to host a live stream for a celebrity dance competition series later this year.