nuclear powered flying hotel

What You Should to Know About Nuclear Powered Flying Hotel

A imaginative new nuclear-powered design for a never-landing Nuclear Powered Flying Hotel flying hotel has been unveiled.

Nuclear Powered Flying Hotel

The ‘Sky Cruise hotel’ is planned to have 20 nuclear-powered engines and a capacity of 5,000 passengers.

The plane could stay in the air for months at a time, docking with regular jets to pick up and drop off new passengers.

Tony Holmsten’s original concept was reimagined by Hashem Alghaili, a Yemeni science communicator and video producer who animated the futuristic vision for Sky Crusie in detail, titling it “the future of transport.”

According to the Daily Star, the Sky Cruise hotel would also be fully autonomous and would not require pilots to fly it.

The hotel in the sky would still have staff onboard to manage a shopping mall, pools, gyms, and cinemas.

The monster ship is described as “the perfect wedding venue” in a video rendering of the plane posted by Al-Ghaili on YouTube titled “Sky Cruise: A Futuristic Hotel Above the Clouds.”

One user commented on the video, ‘Great idea putting a nuclear reactor in something that could malfunction and fall out of the sky.’

The Nuclear Powered Flying Hotel has yet to be launched, but it has made quite a stir on social media.