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Latest Pak Fan Price in Pakistan Updated May 2022

pak fan price in pakistan

if you are looking for Pak Fan Price in Pakistan than you land on right place, this article help you to know best Pak fan prices, features and specification.

Summer is approaching in Pakistan, and as a result, fan demand is growing. Everyone is interested about having the greatest type of fan to help them deal with the heat. The demand for the best fan has increased as a result of the hot weather. The excellent fan maintains a cool and relaxing atmosphere. As a result, it helps an individual to perform well in a peaceful setting, both at work and at home.

People expect the top companies to install the best when it comes to resolving temperature issues. Fans from Pakistan are there to assist you. These are fans with various motor features. Silver, copper, copper, and silver wires are among the structure materials. Above all fans with copper wires are preferred since they require less power.

The high quality fan leads to the establishment of a reasonable, pleasant, and relaxing atmosphere. Because working remotely from home is so widespread these days, a cool atmosphere makes it more enjoyable for staff to work in. The fan, whether for the kitchen or the room, has become an important component of household items.

Pak Fan Basket Fan – Copper Winding – 14 Inches

It is well-known and continues to have a strong presence in the profession. This is both modern and smart. It may be controlled remotely as well as physically.

pak fan basket fan copper winding 14 inches
Pak Fan Basket Fan – Copper Winding – 14 Inches PricePKR 6,850


 Brand name       Pak Fans  
 SKU number   124836354_PK-1282706409  
Blades present  5
Model      Basket Fan  
Warranty 2 years warranty


  • its looking modern and attractive
  • Coming up with 99.99% Copper winding
  • A motor that is both long-lasting and energy-saving.
  • Automatic grills have been added to allow for more airflow.
  • It can be operated both manually and remotely. 
  • It runs without making any noise.

Pak Fan Box Fan – Copper Winding

The Fan concept is nice. Grills are there to provide a wider airflow and fulfil their purpose automatically. It also comes with a remote control to operate its functions.

pak fan box fan – copper winding
Pak Fan Box Fan – Copper Winding PricePKR 6750


Brand name  Pak Fans  
SKU number  140898075_PK-1300934939  
Blades present 5
Model nameBox model  
Warranty2 years warranty


  • For maximum airflow, automatic grills are installed.
  • It is built with a long-lasting motor.
  • There is also a remote-controlled yet manual mode.
  • It features a sturdy body that is also rustproof.
  • It also runs without making any noise.
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Pak Fan TCP Pedestal Fan Copper 18 Inches

This fan’s quality is highly recognized, and it performs its high function without making a noise. It is widely available. This one is also available for export.

pak fan tcp pedestal fan copper 18 inches
Pak Fan TCP Pedestal Fan Copper 18 Inches PricePKR 7880


Brand name  Pak Fans  
SKU number  210504791_PK-1417434869  
Blades present3
Model nameBasket Fan  
Fan kindpedestal
Power consumption in watts55
Blade side in inches18
Model nameTCP fan


  • Copper Wire is used in 99.99 percent of the time.
  • It is made out of a strong and long-lasting design.
  • It has a plastic body that covers it.
  • A superb display of quality
  • About 1750 mm, it’s quite flexible.
  • A two-core wire is connected to a three-pin plug.
  • The motor is efficient in terms of energy usage.
  • It is built with a long-lasting motor.

Pak Fan 12 inches Metal Exhaust Fan Plus

pak fan 12 inches metal exhaust fan plus
Pak Fan 12 inches Metal Exhaust Fan Plus Price5,819


 Brand name  Pak Fans  
Wire type  Copper wire  
Air throw2 way
 Body typeRustproof  


  • Coming up with 99.99% Copper winding
  • Strong and Long-Lasting Design
  • Specially Designed for Glass and Window Mounting
  • Manufactured According to International Standards
  • Energy Efficient Durable Motor
  • Its Has a Plastic Body
  • Noiseless Performance

Pak Fan 18 inches Metal Exhaust Fan Plus

This fan has a two-way air-throw mechanism. This is created in accordance with international standards. This is the ideal one for placing glass, walls, and windows.

pak fan 18 inches metal exhaust fan plus
Pak Fan 18 inches Metal Exhaust Fan Plus PricePKR 7219


Brand name  Pak Fans  
Wire type   Copper  
 Air throw  2 way
 Body type Rustproof  


  • Specially designed to be mounted on windows, walls, or glass.
  • Almost all of the wire is made of copper.
  • It features a strong, rust-resistant body.
  • In terms of energy efficiency, the motor is effective.

Pak Fan 8 inches Blower Exhaust Plus

It is particularly intended to be readily installed to windows, walls, or glass. This one is also very energy-efficient, among other things.

pak fan 8 inches blower exhaust plus
Pak Fan 8 inches Blower Exhaust Plus PricePKR 5609


Brand name  Pak Fans  
Wire type   Copper  
 Air throw2 way
Body type Rustproof  


  • Almost all of the wire is made of copper.
  • It has a two-way air-throw system.
  • This is constructed in accordance with international standards.
  • The body is strong and rustproof.
  • In terms of energy efficiency, the motor is effective.

Pak Fan 8 inches Metal Exhaust Fan Plus

This fan has a two-way air-throw mechanism. The motor is a heavy-duty model with triple speeds. The engine is extremely long-lasting and powerful.

pak fan 8 inches metal exhaust fan plus
Pak Fan 8 inches Metal Exhaust Fan Plus PricePKR 5419


Brand name  Pak Fans  
Wire type   Copper  
Air throw2 way
 Body type Rustproof  


  • Almost all of the wire is made of pure copper.
  • The motor is also long-lasting and energy-efficient.
  • Blades are aerodynamically built to perform well in the air.
  • It operates silently.
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Pak Fan Standing or Pedestal Fan

This is equipped with a two-way air-throw system. Aerodynamically, blades are engineered to perform better in the air. This one is a smokey green modern color.

pak fan standing or pedestal fan
Pak Fan Standing or Pedestal Fan PricePKR 9850


 Brand name   Pak Fans  
  SKU number    PA685HL18XSPKNAFAMZ-2419202    
Blades present  4
Model name Basket Fan  
 Warranty2 year


  • Almost all of the wire is made of pure copper.
  • Smoke green is the colour.
  • The blades may be up to 24 inches long.
  • It can reach a height of 5 feet when fully stretched.
  • The motor is of the heavy-duty variety, with three speeds.


Fans are a must-have in any home. The names of fans, as well as their pricing and qualities, were given in this article. To choose the greatest advanced level fan, one must first understand the features and specifications. All of the fans described above are high-speed and reasonably priced.'
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