Pakistani Delegation Leaves For India To Hold Water Talks'

A five-member Pakistani delegation led by Indus Water Commissioner Syed Maher Ali Shah has traveled in India to discuss water concerns between the two nations.

The delegation, which included the director-general of the Met Office as well as members from the irrigation department, the foreign office, and NESPAK, crossed the Wagah border to New Delhi.

“We will hold talks over water issues for two days from tomorrow in New Delhi,” he said that and added the last meeting took place in Islamabad.

The commissioner stated that they will discuss sharing flood data with India, as well as raising objections to three water reservoir projects on the Chenab River. “India has assured that it will submit a report on the construction of the reservoirs to address Pakistan’s concerns,” he said.

Syed Maher Ali Shah stated that their travel was for the purpose of attending the session, and that a more in-depth review of Indian projects will be scheduled later.

The 116th meeting of the India-Pakistan Permanent Indus Commission took place in New Delhi on the 23rd and 24th of March 2021.

The Foreign Office in a statement said under relevant provisions of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT), the conference held annually alternately in Pakistan and India.

Resource of issues related to the IWT have been discussed during the meeting. According to the statement, Pakistan has reiterated its objection to Indian water projects such as Pakal Dul, Lower Kulnai, Durbuk Shyok, and Nimu Chilling.

Pakistan started asking India to share information of water flows as per the regulations of the IWT following the practise in vogue since 1989. The Pakistani side highlighted the necessity of resolving unresolved issues as soon as possible in compliance with the IWT’s provisions.

Both parties agreed to make every effort to fix the difficulties, undertake inspection tours, and hold the commission’s next meeting in Pakistan as soon as possible.

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