PTA to Procure Automated QoS Monitoring and Benchmarking System'

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has decided to acquire automated Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring and benchmarking system to benchmark voice, SMS, and data QoS Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The system will have data collection, data analysis, and related services such as benchmarking both voice, SMS, and data QoS KPIs for at least five operators simultaneously. The system can also be expanded to include more operators if required.

It would also need the measurement of all QoS KPIs. Both data collection and data analysis units should support all technologies, including but not limited to the Global System for Mobile (GSM)/ Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)/ Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA)/High-Speed Download Packet Access (HSDPA)/High-Speed Upload Packet Access (HSUPA)/High-Speed Packet Access+ (HSPA+)/Long Term Evolution (LTE)/ Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE).

The system should be configured to test and benchmark QoS across a number of mobile operators (i.e. continuous measurement of at least five mobile networks), with the objective reproducing end-user experience in different mobile networks, device types, and wireless technologies (i.e. 2G/3G/4G, etc.) operational in Pakistan including AJK & GB.

The capabilities of this field tester are to measure and benchmark, evaluate service quality in mobile networks, and report KPIs for evaluating service quality in cellular networks, according to the authority which has prescribed these regulations.

It should be able to upgrade to consider future mobile network technologies and related advances. It should be powerful enough for all wireless measurements. It should have an optimal power control module for charging phones.

The systems should be able to obtain network advance influence on the user experience and record thorough measurements of the network while testing. The equipment should be able to determine, plot, and map the path using GPS coordinates. Only the relative motions with regard to a beginning reference point would be shown. The device should be able to link with a commercially available digitalized map of the region at any point in the future with minimal hardware and software upgrades. All incidents must be time and date stamped.

The specification would need to state the minimum and maximum levels which can be measured.

The system should have an extension for indoor/ walk test measurement. It should support measuring audio and video services, including streaming & social media; including emerging OTT services testing. Post-processing software for advanced analysis and reporting of the system’s data using the latest technology is desired by the client.

It should measure how clear your voice is through the latest version of Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis (POLQA) for Full Band i.e. POLQA Version 3. It should also measure the quality of your video through the latest version of ITU J.343.1.

It should support application-based testing. It should provide the flexibility of working on a variety of device types as well as multiple vendors.

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