Queen Admits It Snubs Meghan Markle As She Gives Angela Kelly Royal Blessing

The Queen has allowed her close aide Angela Kelly to reveal how she was able to keep the Queen safe during her recent quarantine.

A new entry in Angela’s popular picture book series, The Other Side of the Coin for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will be released next month.

Beatrice herself gave Angela her blessing to share their shared bond with the world and she is the first serving member of the Royal Household to be given this extraordinary permission.

The royal dresser will share secrets about her career with the Royal Family in her offering, and she will clash with Prince Harry’s new book.

A potential huge blow to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is the news that Queen Elizabeth was considering abdicating.

Harry and Angela disagreed when it came to Tiara-gate. They are currently making the finishing touches on his autobiography, which will be published this October.

The Queen’s grandson was accused of yelling “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets” to Angela over a choice of tiara ahead of their royal wedding in 2018.

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