russia fines meta over lgbt propaganda

Russia Fines Meta Over “LGBT Propaganda”

On Tuesday, a Russian court fined Facebook and Instagram parent organization Meta for refusing to remove LBGT materials.

A Moscow district court ordered the US tech company to pay four million rubles (approximately $53,000/50,000 euros) for failing to remove material with LGBT “propaganda,” according to news agency Interfax.

Meta and other digital firms are frequently fined in Russia for failing to remove content at the behest of authorities.

Since the commencement of its military operation in Ukraine, Russia has intensified its pressure on social media, blocking Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Attacks against the LGBT community are rather regular in Russia, as conservative and religious elements retain a negative view of the LGBT people.

Moscow passed a contentious rule in 2013 prohibiting children from being exposed to LGBT “propaganda.” It was used to prohibit pride marches and the display of rainbow flags.

Since 2020, the constitution has stated marriage to be a relationship between a man and a woman, essentially prohibiting homosexual marriage.