sam club memberships can be join with 8$

Sam Club Memberships Can be Join With 8$

Sam’s Club confirmed that it would be giving annual Sam Club memberships for only $8, but only for a limited period of time in celebration of the upcoming Independence Day holiday.

The offer is only valid from June 17 to June 26, according to the company’s release on Thursday.

Sam Club Memberships

The offer was first made public as part of a Super Bowl promotion earlier this year, and it was a big success. The $8 mark was set for that promotion based on the yard line where the football was on during the two-minute warning of the big game’s fourth quarter.

“Our members love a cause for celebration, and they’ve told us they plan on getting together with family and friends this Fourth of July – that insight has inspired our merchants to curate and develop unique items to meet their needs,” Sam’s Club chairman employee and marketing officer Ciara Anfield says.

“Just like our members, we also have a ‘more the merrier attitude’, so we’re excited to be able to bring back our $8 membership offer and let more people discover the quality, convenience, and value that Sam’s Club offers,” she stated.

According to the company’s website, a membership costs $45 per year. Consumers who want to take advantage of the limited-time offer should visit a Sam’s Club shop and mention the “4th of July offer” at the membership desk.

According to Sam’s Club, the offer is limited to one per person and is only available to new members and existing members who have had their accounts inactive for at least six months.

The company announced on Twitter, “This deal is only for new Members and old Members with inactive accounts of 6 months or more. The offer doesn’t include the “Plus” memberships, which also include free shipping and pharmacy discounts.