samsung launches super fast ufs 4.0 1tb flash storage

Samsung Launches Super-Fast UFS 4.0 1TB Flash Storage

The storage capacity of a smartphone is an important consideration, but consumers often overlook the type of storage. Most Android devices use an UFS (Universal Flash Storage), with most flagship smartphones having either 3.0 or 3.1 UFS storage.

The latest innovation from Samsung is the UFS 4.0, which is extremely fast with read speeds of up to 4,200 MB/s and write speeds of 2,800 MB/s.

The new storage technology will also have a substantially improved power efficiency. It is 46% faster when reading sequential data than the previous generation and that means getting more from your battery life.

The UFS 4.0 supports up to 23.2Gbps which is twice the speed of UFS 3.1, perfect for smartphones that require a lot of data processing. The UFS 4.0 is in a small package with a maximum size of 11mm x 13mm x 1mm to save space. It is made in different sizes with the highest coming in at 1TB.

They Firm expect the technology to be used in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and in automotive applications.

The company plans to begin mass production of the technology this quarter, and smartphones that include the technology should be available by the end of the year.