saudi arabia bans zamzam water to carrying on flights

Saudi Arabia Bans Zamzam Water to Carrying on Flights

Saudi Arabia authorities are planning to directly ban passengers from bringing Zamzam water on Wednesday, especially for flights.

According to a notification issued by the Saudi Arabian General Civil Aviation Authority, passengers traveling to Saudi Arabia have been instructed not to bring Zamzam water in their luggage. Air lines have been asked to follow the directive.

All the airlines in Saudi Arabia have been directed strictly to comply with the government orders.

In case of failure, Saudi Arabia can take legal action against the airlines, the notification read.

Zamzam well, which is located 20 meters from the Kaaba, is known as the oldest of its kind.

Muslims believe that the arrival of Hazrat Ismail A.S to Makkah in the year of his birth happens to be the year when Zamzam first appeared, hence the well’s blessed water approximate age is 4000 years according to the Muslim calendar.

The well is considered one of the wonders of Islam, representing the mercy of Allah Almighty. It is believed to be sacred within Islam as its source is referred to in the most important Islamic texts. Prophet Ibrahim AS, his wife and his son found water that was hard to reach and picked up in Saudi Arabia.