Skydrive flying car is ready

A  Japanese company has claimed to be the world’s smallest Skydrive flying car and has released a video as proof. One man can easily sit in it.

According to the company, this year the car will be presented to the public in the summer and a flight will be performed. According to the company, it is being tested day and night at the company’s Research Flight Center outside the city of Nagoya.

skydrive flying car

According to Japan’s leading news and website Asahi Shambo, bookings for its sale will begin in 2023 and orders will be delivered to buyers from 2026. Humans are currently being tested in-flight tests and then tested with remote control.

The key to its preparation is the former engineers of the Toyota Company who designed it. Due to its size, it can be called the world’s smallest flying car. In 2017, Toyota also donated $ 2.5 million to SkyDrive Company for research.

Sky Drive has released a video of some of the photos, refusing to divulge further facts. According to the company, all the test steps are very successful. The first model of the car is five feet in height, 12 feet in both length and width.

According to Sky Drive, this would be a great ride for dense cities such as Tokyo and New York and can be used to help people and accidents. Its speed will be 62 miles per hour in the air, and on Earth’s proximity, it rises to 93 miles per hour.

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