super mario mighty bowser lego

Super Mario Mighty Bowser Lego Reveled

The Super Mario Mighty Bowser Lego is getting his own massive LEGO set with interactive sound effects and the ability to shoot fireballs.

Super Mario Mighty Bowser Lego

“The Mighty Bowser,” the newest and largest build in the LEGO Super Mario line, was recently introduced by LEGO.

A three-minute YouTube video highlighted every aspect of the massive set, which stands over a foot tall and is made up of 2,807 bricks. “We wanted to create the ultimate Bowser build for this model,” said Senior Designer Carl Merriam as he walked viewers through Bowser’s features.

“That meant we had to make it big, because the more details you can put in the bigger you build something out of LEGO bricks. We wanted to bring him to life by capturing all of his iconic details.”

Merriam then revealed some buttons on Bowser’s turtle-shell back that allowed him to control the beast’s head and even shoot a fireball from its mouth. The designer then demonstrated how articulation was added to the legs and tail so that “when you pick him up, he actually looks like he’s jumping.”

Merriam stated that his team “took inspiration from a few different forms of puppetry” to create the effect. The set also contains very few specialized bricks, which means that most of the pieces can still be used to construct, say, a LEGO DeLorean from Back to the Future.

Finally, Senior Play Designer Didier Agani demonstrated perhaps The Mighty Bowser’s most impressive feature: interactive digital sounds and effects.

Owners can stomp Bowser, causing the monster to roar in anger, using an adorable LEGO Mario figure with an animated face and a tiny LCD screen on his chest, while Mario’s strikes are accompanied by classic sound effects instantly familiar to fans of the Super Mario video games.

Mario’s expression changes as he attacks, and the screen on his chest animates a small explosion with each Mario head-bop. “If you like stomping on Bowser, you’ll love this set,” Agani said. Bowser can also be challenged by LEGO Luigi and LEGO Peach.

When LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser arrives on October 1, it will join a rapidly expanding catalogue that includes the recently announced “Peach’s Castle Expansion Set” and “The Adventures with Peach Starter Set,” both of which will be available this fall.

All of the LEGO Super Mario collection figures can connect to a companion app via Bluetooth, allowing users to win coins through minigames included with each set or even compete against a friend in head-to-head games. With a price tag of $269.99, the Mighty Bowser is the most expensive set in the collection thus far.

All of the LEGO designs can be found on the LEGO website. Super Mario games are only available on the Nintendo Switch and previous Nintendo consoles.