Superman and Lois season 2 finale

Superman and Lois Season 2 Finale Ending Explained

Superman and Lois Season 2 finale on an exciting climax. What exactly does it all mean? Superman and Lois season 2 has been a stressful and difficult outing for the Kent-Lane family.

The Man of Steel observed himself suffering from inexplicable headaches linked to a creature in the mines from the start. He had no idea it was all connected to Lois’ sister Lucy and the woman manipulating her, Ally Allston.

We learned about the Inverse World, also known as Bizarro World, and Ally’s attempt to merge that reality with Earth-Prime throughout the season. That is exactly what the villain attempted to accomplish in the season’s final three episodes, and she came close thanks to her master plan to render Superman powerless.

Superman and Lois season 2 finale

In the season finale, “Waiting for Superman,” the Man of Steel regained his powers and defeated Ally, saving Smallville – and indeed the entire planet – from her reign of terror. He didn’t do it alone; he had the assistance of his family, including his brother Tal-Rho.

The season 2 finale, however, along with the arrival of John Diggle, left things in a very different place, setting the stage for the third season and its potential villain. But what does it all mean for the Arrowverse series, and who might be the new threat?

Who was Bruno Mannheim In Superman and Lois season 2?

John Diggle returned in the season 2 finale of Superman and Lois to approach John Henry Irons about a character named Bruno Mannheim. He apparently murdered the John Henry Irons of Superman and Lois’ world. Why? Well, we don’t know… That is exactly what John Henry will find.

Fans of DC Comics may know names. Bruno Mannheim is an Intergang crime boss who debuted in Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen No. 139 in 1971. He is Superman’s enemy and has appeared in a number of TV adaptations over the years, including the animated shows Superman: The Animated Series and Young Justice, as well as a live-action appearance in Smallville.

Fans of the Arrow-verse could recognize the name because Lillian Luthor mentioned him as a Lex Luthor associate on several occasions in Supergirl. Because Supergirl was set on a different planet at the time, the reference was to the Earth-38 version. Meanwhile, Arrow made reference to the Earth-1 version.

Don’t ask us what planet Superman and Lois live on because the season finale only added to our confusion. However, how this new Bruno Mannheim will fit into Superman and Lois Season 3 remains to be seen.

In the comics, the Intergang is known for arming themselves with technology provided by the New Gods of Apokolips, a planet associated with Superman villain Darkseid.