The open market recorded an additional drop of 20 paise in the rate of the US dollar.

open market

The dollar was down from Rs. 154.80 to Rs. 154.60 and the sale is reduced from Rs. 155.10 to Rs. 155.

The US dollar gained 20 paise cheaper than the rupee in the open market. The value of the euro, British pounds, also fell – Forex Association of Forex According to Pakistan.

Currencies trading in the Interbank was suspended due to last week’s holiday, while the value of the US dollar declined by 20 paise in the open market, reducing the value of the dollar from Rs 154.80 to Rs 154.70 and selling price 155. .10 reduced from Rs. 155 to Rs.

In other currencies, the price of the euro fell by 70 paise to Rs 170 and the reduction of 50 paise from Rs. According to the Forex report, the rate of Saudi rial was Rs 40.90, and the selling price was stable at Rs 41.20, while the cost of e-dirham was only Rs 41.90 and the selling price was Rs 42.20. Chinese yuan’s buying price increased from Rs 21.80 to Rs 22 and sales of Rs 22.80 to Rs 22.90.

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