thief dances after robbing hardware store video goes viral

Thief dances after robbing hardware store Video Goes Viral

A strange yet entertaining video of a thief dancing after stealing a hardware shop has been making the rounds on the internet. The incident occurred in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, near the home of a police superintendent.

Thief dances after robbing hardware store Video

The entire incident was filmed on the store’s CCTV camera. a guy with a masked face was spotted entering the store, taking, and then dancing on his way out.

Thieves are normally afraid when they notice a CCTV camera, but this one thief started dancing as soon as he saw the camera.

The robber, according to the shopkeeper, seized all of the cash and merchandise worth thousands of rupees. When the owner noticed the damaged shutter, he immediately checked the CCTV tape and reported the crime to the police.

A police report has been filed against the criminal, and an investigation is underway.