TikTok Removes Over 6.5mn Videos in Pakistan For Violating Community Guidelines


TikTok, the world’s most popular short-form video sharing site, has taken down more than 6.5 million videos in Pakistan due to community standards violations. The news comes as the business publishes its Q4 2021 Community Guidelines Enforcement Report (October to December).

The platform’s continued effort to win confidence by being responsible and trying to be safe and inclusive is reflected in the report. Authentic participation across the comment space, safety warnings for creators, and strict compliance to the lengthy Community Guidelines are all part of the social media platform’s efforts.

TikTok banned 6,563,594 Pakistani videos, according to the Community Guidelines Enforcement Report Q4 2021. Meanwhile, in the fourth quarter of 2021, 85,794,222 videos were banned globally to combat harassment and other harmful behaviour standards.

According to the survey, 94.1 percent of videos were removed for violating community rules within the first 24 hours of being posted, 95.2% were removed before a user reported them, and 90.1% were removed before the videos gained any views on the app.

Also TikTok says that removing content at zero views has improved by 14.7% for harassment and bullying content, 10.9% for hateful behavior, 16.2% for violent extremism, and 7.7% for dangerous acts. According to the report, Pakistan, with 6,563,594 videos removed for violating Community Guidelines, ranked third in the world for the largest volume of videos taken down in Q4 2021.

Tiktok Official said that “At TikTok, we believe our community should be built on a foundation of respect, kindness, and understanding. To help people forge positive digital connections in line with our rules for appropriate behavior, we strive to empower our users to stay in control of their interactions with others on TikTok. There’s no finish line when it comes to keeping people safe, and our latest report and continued safety improvements reflect our ongoing commitment to the well-being of our community”.

Furthermore, the platform is actively working to remove abusive and hateful content as well as behaviour that violates community guidelines. Through true participation, the platform is looking into new methods to make everyone feel more in control of their thoughts. This includes experimenting with ways for users to identify comments that they believe are irrelevant or inappropriate, such as by disliking them.

The application uses community feedback to make the comment section current and a space for true conversation. Furthermore, the person who opposes to a comment will be the only one who can see that they have done so. This was done to prevent anyone from depressing the platform’s creators.

TikTok is also experimenting with safety notifications that will direct users to comment filtering, bulk banning, and deletion options. Creators whose videos look to have a high number of negative comments will receive the reminders. The platform will also try to eliminate comments that violate its strict community rules, adding on existing features like the ability to filter comments on actual topics, delete, and report several comments at once.

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