tornado in western germany injures 40 and 1 killed

Tornado In Western Germany Injures 40 and 1 killed

At least one person was killed, and 40 others were injured, as an apparent tornado hit across several towns in western Germany.

A 38-year-old man in the far-western town of Wittgert died of head injuries after falling after receiving an electric shock in a flooded cellar, according to sources.

Images on social networks showed an apparent tornado including its distinctive rotating storm flinging debris through the air, though the German Meteorological Department did not immediately confirm a tornado had happened.

Police said up to 40 people had been injured in Paderborn, a town of some 150,000 half-way between Frankfurt as well as Hamburg. Moreover, railway and road transport were also disrupted throughout the region.

In Paderborn, police posted photos of trees that had been downed or split in half, as well as roofs that had been swept clean of tiles by the winds. Numerous roofs are uncovered or destroyed, leading authorities to advise locals to stay in the home.

Earlier, the German Weather Service warned that the stormy weather was set to continue. Meteorologists said the extreme weather was caused by hot air coming from Africa meeting relatively cooler air moving down from northern Europe.