Vivo Announces Lucky Winners for Its Ramadan Activity'

Many people in the world celebrate Ramadan, a month of fasting and prayer. The Muslims around the world are celebrating during this difficult time of pandemic. They are fasting, praying and exercising in order to have a good relationship with Allah.

In order to spread the happiness of Ramadan, vivo, a brand that is one of Pakistan’s most popular (and famous) brands, decided to organize a campaign for their brand ambassador Hania Aamir.

Hania Aamir talked about how she spends Ramadan in a video released by vivo. Hania answered all of the questions about her way of celebrating Ramadan in the midst of her favorite Sehri item, her first fast, the delectable iftar delicacy, the joy of enjoying the holiday with family, and all of the great memories she has with Ramadan.

Hania invited people to join in the celebration, full of generosity, love, and peace. She asked fans to take part in vivo’s Ramadan competition by answering questions in the comment section of the video for a chance to win some great prizes.

People responded well to the video, and over 1,700 people participated by watching it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They shared their personal views in their own distinct styles, discussing how they celebrate Ramadan and what the holy month means to them.

All of the responses were filled with gratitude. People talked about their fast, their favorite sehri and iftar, praying to Allah for safety and faith, and how wonderful it is when families are gathered together for an iftar.

To celebrate the successful end of the campaign, vivo announced winners for the activity. Winners received exclusive vivo Ramadan gifts.

“I was just 4 years old when I observed my first roza, and since then, the entire family unites to celebrate Ramadan,” one of the winners said.

When asked what they like to eat during Ramadan, most users said they like simple Daal Roti and Chai. One YouTube user said, “After a long day of praying and work, having a freshly cooked meal by mother makes Ramadan particularly unforgettable for me.”

Many people shared their journeys of how they prayed for peace and betterment after dealing with challenges during the pandemic.

We hope this special treat will make the celebration more memorable for our users. Vivo has been committed to the people of Pakistan for a long time, making various forms of technology available in the country.

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