Watch Qasim Sori Saying add Islamic touch in Speech to Imran Khan

In an unexpected scene during PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s speech at the Long March on Thursday, former deputy speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri was seen and heard asking the party chief to give his speech an Islamic touch.

A lot of social media users criticized of this video where Qasim Suri saying to imran khan to add Islamic touch to his speech. and Most of the social media users thinking about this video as a positive ways.

Video of Qasim Sori Islamic touch Saying add in Speech to Imran Khan

The brief video later went viral on social media, showing Imran Khan mulling Qasim Suri’s advice and pausing for a while. Then, he said: “I am a true lover of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) and I am a follower of the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him).”