what is the release date of pubg mobile 2.0 update

What is The Release Date of PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update? Know Here

PUBG Mobile’s developers have officially confirmed that the release date and time for the release of the highly anticipated PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update. Players have been awaiting this eagerly.

The long-awaited new release of the Livik Map will pull participants’ attention away from other planets, as many other changes, including the Emergency Pickup Occupation and new car, will also deliver a new and satisfying experience. It’s anticipated that the update is rolling out within a few hours, and players can check out the new features.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 Update Release Date

The announcement on the Discord server clarifies that the Pubg 2.0 update should be available to users on various platforms.

pubg mobile 2.0 update release date

The official announcement specifies that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile 2.0 update should commence rolling out on May 11 at 11 AM (UTC 0). The local time for the specific regions is provided in the excerpt above.

Indonesia: 6:00 PM

Bangladesh: 5:00 PM

Nepal: 4:45 PM

Pakistan: 4:00 PM

Japan: 8:00 PM

London: 12:00 PM

Brazil (Sao Paulo): 8:00 AM

USA (New York): 7:00 AM

pubg mobile 2.0 update
App StoreMay 13 at 1:00 AM (UTC +0)
APK on the official websiteMay 13 at 1:45 AM (UTC +0)
Google Play StoreMay 13 at 4:00 AM (UTC +0)

The update will result in the service being momentarily interrupted, and players will be able to maintain the current version and test the new features.

Players utilizing different versions will not be able to queue up together, and the developers have advised the players to update as soon as possible.

Key Features of PUBG Mobile 2.0 update

  • The official Livik map has will bee updated!
  • XT upgrade crates, that are exclusive to Livik, are now available to improve results.
  • New UTV vehicles can help in moving fast through various terrains.
  • Emergency Pickup is a feature that allows players are entering the Playz one quickly.
  • Introduction of a new haptics system to create a more immersive experience.