whatsapp new feature let you hide from specific people

WhatsApp New Feature Let you Hide From Specific People

Since last year, WhatsApp has been working on new privacy features. The ability to hide your profile photo, last seen, and About information from specific people has been in beta for quite some time, but it is now available to all users worldwide on iPhone and Android devices.

WhatsApp’s official social media accounts made the announcement.

Until now, WhatsApp offered four privacy settings: hide from everyone, hide from your contacts only, hide from your contacts except a few people, and hide from no one. This was also available for Status confidentiality.

However, the new option allows you to hide your last seen, profile photo, and About information from only certain people in your contact list.

It’s worth noting that if you hide your own last seen, you won’t be able to see other people’s, just like read receipts (blue ticks). However, the latter is still functional in group chats.

On iPhones and Androids, go to Settings > Account > Privacy to find the new privacy setting.

In addition, with the new update, WhatsApp has added the ability to mute specific people in a group call. Through the call, you will also be able to message specific people.