whatsapp now supports 32 people in a group voice call

WhatsApp Now Supports 32 People in a Group voice call

WhatsApp has added more functionality to its group voice call capabilities. Now, users can add up to 32 people in a group voice call on both Android and iOS.

With the release of version 2.19, WhatsApp now has increased participant capacity for group voice calls. To enable it, you are required to visit the play store and update WhatsApp. Some users might have to wait for a little bit longer for this feature.

If a user takes four simple steps they can make a voice call with up to 32 participants.

  • To make a voice call, go to the group chat you wish to call.
  • Tap Group call if your group chat has 33 or more participants.
  • Tap Voice call and confirm your option if your group chat has 32 or fewer members.
  • Only the first seven people who answer the phone are allowed to join the call, and only group members are allowed to participate.
  • After you’ve found the people you want to call, click Voice call.