whatsapp’s new privacy feature is now available on windows

WhatsApp’s New Privacy Feature is Now Available on Windows

WhatsApp for Windows beta 2.2212.2.0 is available for early testers to see shared pictures and videos using the ‘View Once’ feature.

WhatsApp is now testing a new feature ‘View Once’ functionality that will allow users to access photographs and videos that can only be seen once. The new feature was first discovered in a WhatsApp Universal Windows Platform (UWP) beta app, which is currently in the testing phase.

Recently, the feature was made available for Android and iPhone users only. It provides the user with the option to make photographs and videos they share on WhatsApp vanish once the recipient has viewed them, without taking up storage in the recipient’s device. The recipient, on the other hand, can take either a screenshot or record the screen on their respective device to save the shared multimedia.

Additionally, WhatsApp is also working on a new pop-up menu option for phone numbers received in chat, which will allow users to choose between dialing the number or adding it to their contact list by pressing on it in chat.